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NQ Home Builders, a family-owned construction firm is in the market since 1980 for building your desired homes. We understand that building a dream home in Australia can be a difficult task. We are eager to provide our customers with construction-related services, be it general contracting, construction management, Design-Building or self-performing interior trades services. We have our team of professionals for each specific task to ensure the quality and excellence we have maintained for over 40 years. Our qualified and professional team is committed to helping people build their dream home.

Our Services

General contracting

General contracting involves tasks related to the construction of a project, and our experts know how to do that. The professionals will supervise all of the day-to-day activities of the project until the project is complete.

Construction management

Construction management service is also part of our house-building firm from the start. This service includes the effective management of the project’s plan, cost, scope, quality, function, and safety for our customers.


You can rely on the experts for the challenging task of designing the perfect home as per your requirement. Our team will guide you and help you choose the right design for your home to be, which will suit your budget as well. Let our highly professional and experienced workers handle both of the functions for you.

Self-performing Interior trades Services

Self-performing interior trade services are also our specialty. We will help you get the best interiors with innovative designs and quality from your very own trusted firm. Our interiors provide a wide range of possibilities for our customers throughout Australia.

Our Blog

5 Ways To Dramatically Enhance Lighting at Your Home

The interesting thing about the lighting of any home is the fact that it is not considered necessary until and unless it is removed from the rooms. Lighting proves to offer a significant change in the attire of the room by making the room seem larger in size or by adding to the decor of the room. When it comes to lighting, there are so many different ways by which it can be enhanced or improvised such that it can prove to be a positive addition to the house.

Install LED bulbs

LED bulbs can easily be installed by any electrician inner west sydney. They are the most recent advancement when it comes to lighting and have stayed because of the benefits it provides to the owners. Because of such lights, there is not just vibrant brightness in the decor but there has also been a significant increase in energy saving which in return follows up with easy to look at bills.

Install dimmers

Every person has their own personal taste when it comes to lighting. Other than that, for different kind of room, there exists a different mood in terms of lighting. What am i saying? Well, have you ever wondered how soft lights just kind of tips you into a comfortable, sleepy mood? That is exactly what can be achieved through these dimmers. Not only this, but it also favors the bills when the light can be reduced by 25% of the original brightness.

Opt for colored bulbs

Every color has a significant impact over the brain and indirectly, our moods. There are certain colored LED bulbs or lights that can be installed by any electrician and have proved to be an effective way of adding decor to the indoors whilst setting the tone of the room. These are an effective way to provide perspective into a room.

Buy light sensors

The light sensors can be used to accommodate the bill properly. They can help when there is sunlight traveling and peeking into the rooms through the corners of the windows or curtains and helps the room keep illuminated without any extra lights. These light sensors help the lights turns off automatically to save energy and money both, saving you from a potential financial breakdown.

Highlight features

The electricians have a key note in installation of the lights because they arrange the lights such that the light falls on furniture that adds beauty to the room. You can also ask the electrician to do it as you prefer, highlighting the features that you want to stand out in the desired room. In this way, it can definitely illuminate the room according to the desired specifics and desires.

Restructure home, here 10 tips to choose between mortgage or loan

But when is it convenient to choose one or the other type of financing and how to avoid paying more than necessary? Here are ten tips. 

  • A personal loan can be cheaper than the mortgage, if the loan you want to apply is limited. If it is high, perhaps it would be better to use a mortgage. In any case, this second type of financing is granted starting from 30 thousand euros. 
  • Eye to Taeg (Annual Effective Global Rate). For personal loans, depending on the amount and duration, the best offers range between 5.44% and 7.98%. For a mutual home renovation the Taeg at a variable rate is between 0.78% and 0.83%. The one for those who opt for the fixed rate is between 1.50 and 2.08%. 
  • Also look at the other expenses. For the personal loan in general there are: the cost of investigation, collection and management of installments, notification and practical closure, stamp duty, and any initial or insurance costs. For the loan, on the other hand, in addition we must consider: the expert (between 200 and 300 euros), the notary’s deed (the cost is linked to the value of the mortgage registration). Again, the costs of the outbreak and fire insurance are mandatory for obtaining a mortgage.  
  • Guarantees are then required for both loans. The applicant must have a fixed income of an amount sufficient to support the installments. Furthermore, for the mortgage restructuring it is also necessary to register the mortgage on the building to be restored.
  • A strength of personal loans is the rapid delivery times, which vary between 24 hours and 15 days. The mutual restructuring, instead, follows the normal procedure of a mortgage for the house purchase. Only to go from the preliminary investigation to the provision, it takes, on average, 60 days.
  • Another difference between mortgage and loan restructuring is represented by the method of disbursement. With the loan the sum is always granted in a single payment. For the loan, if the amount is high, a so-called Sal (Work Progress Status) loan may be required, which provides for the disbursement of the amount in different tranches.
  • The personal loan has a maximum duration of 10 years. The mortgage can reach up to 30-35 years. The longer the loan, the higher the interest rate applied.
  • In terms of tax benefits, the first home restructuring mortgage is a winner: if required for the main residence, it gives the right to an Irpef annual deduction of 19% of the interest paid on the mortgage. The personal loan, on the other hand, does not entitle to any deduction. For the owner, the possibility of enjoying the tax deductions linked to the restructuring intervention remains valid. 
  • If there is already a mortgage loan on the house to be renovated, there are two alternatives: the bank could propose replacing the existing loan with a mutual replacement with liquidity for restructuring. The second solution is a personal loan that does not require collateral to be granted.
  • For both loans the debtor can decide to extinguish the debt, in whole or in part, before its expiry. As of February 2007, due to the first home mortgage restructuring, the bank cannot apply any penalty for early termination. In the case of personal loans, instead, be careful because depending on the contract, a compensation could be provided, between 0.5% and 1% of the loan value.

Buy a new home: that’s why it pays!

In my opinion, a new house has undeniable advantages both in the short and the long term that it is good to know, since when you buy a house you are not only making an important economic investment, but also a lifestyle choice.

Here I list some important advantages that in my experience really make the difference between a house built in the past and a brand new house.


One of the criticisms that I often hear referring to new buildings is that of the spaces, which would seem to be narrower than in the houses of the past.

In many cases this is the case: if you do not create a custom project before construction (which requires good timing to “buy on paper”) the newly built houses that you buy already built may seem smaller. Although in reality they are designed to contain everything you need .

The comparison with the spaces created in the houses of 20-30 years ago makes it immediately clear that rooms such as the bedrooms have in some way been ‘restricted’.

But is that really the way things are?

Not exactly. Yes, the bedrooms are specifically made smaller, but because the huge old bedrooms … have no more reason to exist! What good is an enormous room with lots of unused space between the various furniture and the bed? In the end it is not the room where most of the time is spent.

Perhaps it is better a few meters less there, and a few more meters in other environments that must instead be comfortable, like the kitchen.

So what happened is not a reduction of space to make life more uncomfortable but, on the contrary, a choice was made by those who carry out the projects to optimize the spaces in favor of the right environments. And the quality of life makes money!


This second reason is closely related to the first.

Although the purchase prices of a newly built house in Novara are not in the least comparable to that of nearby Milan, important values ​​remain and the construction companies are aware of them.

This is why they try to best combine surfaces, quality of environments and plant technologies, building buildings that allow them to live better and spend as little as possible on operating costs. Thus the contraction of the spaces not only optimizes the way of living the house, but favors savings on the bills.

In light of this you understand how important it is that the designer is good at his work: he must design rational environments, but at the same time extremely functional. The “game” is not easy, and only the best professionals are able to set up winning projects.


The study and use of new materials capable of respecting the external environment but also of the interior, and of intelligent systems that make us spend less and live better, are the icing on the cake that really allows the houses of new construction to outclass the houses built in the past decades.

We have moved from the A and A + classes to an even more refined subdivision that goes from the A1 energy class to the A4 .

The latter, the A4, is the one that represents the best energy performance at the moment; it is a great result to be achieved, and fortunately the companies have been able to accept the challenge and today they propose on the market more and more performing products to obtain this classification.

My dream is just to see more and more buildings with these characteristics in Novara, for two reasons:

the first concerns the fact of having evidence of a clear cultural change in the sector, which is necessary to progress also at the level of society;
the second concerns the market response, increasingly directed towards the purchase of advanced buildings and therefore increasingly aware of the importance of certain issues such as the quality of life and respect for the environment.
My experience over the years has allowed me to work only with the best builders who really care about these goals.

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