In my opinion, a new house has undeniable advantages both in the short and the long term that it is good to know, since when you buy a house you are not only making an important economic investment, but also a lifestyle choice.

Here I list some important advantages that in my experience really make the difference between a house built in the past and a brand new house.


One of the criticisms that I often hear referring to new buildings is that of the spaces, which would seem to be narrower than in the houses of the past.

In many cases this is the case: if you do not create a custom project before construction (which requires good timing to “buy on paper”) the newly built houses that you buy already built may seem smaller. Although in reality they are designed to contain everything you need .

The comparison with the spaces created in the houses of 20-30 years ago makes it immediately clear that rooms such as the bedrooms have in some way been ‘restricted’.

But is that really the way things are?

Not exactly. Yes, the bedrooms are specifically made smaller, but because the huge old bedrooms … have no more reason to exist! What good is an enormous room with lots of unused space between the various furniture and the bed? In the end it is not the room where most of the time is spent.

Perhaps it is better a few meters less there, and a few more meters in other environments that must instead be comfortable, like the kitchen.

So what happened is not a reduction of space to make life more uncomfortable but, on the contrary, a choice was made by those who carry out the projects to optimize the spaces in favor of the right environments. And the quality of life makes money!


This second reason is closely related to the first.

Although the purchase prices of a newly built house in Novara are not in the least comparable to that of nearby Milan, important values ​​remain and the construction companies are aware of them.

This is why they try to best combine surfaces, quality of environments and plant technologies, building buildings that allow them to live better and spend as little as possible on operating costs. Thus the contraction of the spaces not only optimizes the way of living the house, but favors savings on the bills.

In light of this you understand how important it is that the designer is good at his work: he must design rational environments, but at the same time extremely functional. The “game” is not easy, and only the best professionals are able to set up winning projects.


The study and use of new materials capable of respecting the external environment but also of the interior, and of intelligent systems that make us spend less and live better, are the icing on the cake that really allows the houses of new construction to outclass the houses built in the past decades.

We have moved from the A and A + classes to an even more refined subdivision that goes from the A1 energy class to the A4 .

The latter, the A4, is the one that represents the best energy performance at the moment; it is a great result to be achieved, and fortunately the companies have been able to accept the challenge and today they propose on the market more and more performing products to obtain this classification.

My dream is just to see more and more buildings with these characteristics in Novara, for two reasons:

the first concerns the fact of having evidence of a clear cultural change in the sector, which is necessary to progress also at the level of society;
the second concerns the market response, increasingly directed towards the purchase of advanced buildings and therefore increasingly aware of the importance of certain issues such as the quality of life and respect for the environment.
My experience over the years has allowed me to work only with the best builders who really care about these goals.

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