How to build a house made of logs?

The main feature of this material is that the trunk has an ideal cylindrical shape, the same diameter along the entire length, in addition to clearly defined parameters of the longitudinal grooves and landing tanks. Thanks to this, the finished building seems smoother and neat as possible – it becomes more stable, torsion-resistant and easy to assemble.

To create an ordinary circular register, it is calibrated on industrial woodworking machines under production conditions. As a result, the logs get the same diameter along the entire length and smooth surface. Then the anchor basins and the longitudinal grooves are created, necessary to connect the trunks. Thanks to such manipulations, building a house from a rounded trunk becomes much easier and faster.

The most important thing to consider when working with a log house is its natural contraction. Such a phenomenon cannot be completely excluded, therefore, when constructing a structure, special spaces are created in the structural elements and in the nodes. They are made in the openings of windows and doors, on the roof, in the stairs and in other structural elements. On the ground floor, these openings are made much wider, since it is the ground floor that has the greatest load.

The lumens are filled with suitable insulating material, vertical grooves are created at the ends of the openings, the fastenings of the pipes for the chimney are left mobile, otherwise the structure can be deformed or even destroyed.

In connection with the shrinking of a house from a register, it can be terminated not earlier than six months after its construction. In this case, the house will sit still for at least another year at an active pace and passively for a few more years. For these reasons, the interior of the house not earlier than 2 years after completion of construction. In the first winter the house is not heated to a temperature above 20 ° C. Furthermore, one year after the construction of the house from the rounded wood, it is necessary to further caulk the intergenital joints and eliminate the existing defects.

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